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Schultz Bottle Gas offers quality propane services for residential, commercial, and agricultural tanks in Milan, MI and the surrounding areas. For more than 70 years, we have accommodated our clients with propane gas.

We specialize in providing for crop drying units, gas grills, and LP accessories. Our staff members at Schultz Bottle Gas take pride in offering you prompt and excellent service for your gas or appliance needs. We are committed to giving professional service at competitive prices.

Learn More About Schultz Bottle Gas:

  • Residential – Fill propane cylinders at site, from 100 lbs to 1,000 gallons, lease and sell tanks, grill and camper tanks - heating gas, cooking water heating, standby generators use
  • Commercial – Heating, forges for factories, automotive repair shops, pottery makers for kilns, and more
  • Agricultural – Crop drying gas heaters, varying sizes of machines, varying volumes for different farm sizes, corn and beans, occasionally wheat, and shops or machine sheds

We offer the brand Philips 66 and serve the following areas - Washtenaw, Monroe, Livingston, Lenawee, Jackson, and Wayne Counties.

Call  800-882-5546 today or browse our website for more information about our products and services.

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